Originally active as classical and modern dance performers and teachers, Diego Blanco and Ana Padron first met as teenagers in High school of the famous New World School of Arts, a hotbed of new artistic talent. At that age, both have been already accomplished professional performers and quickly discovered shared interest in combining the virtuosic artistry of classical dance with the emotional power of tango.

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Ana Padron born in Miami to a family of Cuban decedents, has been studying ballet from the age of 4 and was well familiar with rigorous training required by classical studios and Cuban-influenced classical dance with its emphasis on virtuosity and high physical skill. A daughter of a professional musician, she has embraced musicality as part of her training since the earliest years. Upon graduating from New Word in 2004, she has been a company member of Martha Graham Dance Ensemble’s junior division.

Diego Blanco, born in Colombia, came to the U.S. as a nine-year old and quickly embraced dance which, because of his father’s passion for tango, has always been part of his upbringing. It became for him a means of expression and integration into the new culture. Trained in the traditional Argentinian approach filtered through multicultural influences of his new home, he has been performing the tango at milongas and arts centers since the age of 11, winning awards and gaining recognition as a skilled performer and choreographer with highly personal, evocative style. In 2001, Diego received from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Art first place in choreography from their ARTS (Arts Recognition and Talent Search) program.


Learning and evolving together, Diego and

Ana quickly raised to become world-class

performers, winning many accolades for

their tango presentations, including a 2008

Soka Gakkai Malaysia, a prize awarded by an

organization dedicated to championing art that

embodies Buddhist principles of humanism and

peace. It was presented in recognition of their

“dedication to Argentine Tango as a form of



They have been performing in many festivals

in the US and abroad, including appearances

in off-Broadway and Broadway productions

in NYC. They tour and teach at tango festivals

in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and they

have performed at Jacob’s Pillow, with the

New Generation Dance Company. They also

appeared recently with the Broadway Tango

Dance Company, at the DUMBO Dance

Festival with John Ryan Theater.